2021 Membership

Looking to join or renew – simply follow the links for below or email secretary@hdgyc.org

Join the HDGYC Team!

We welcome applications from new and returning members, whether you own a boat, want to crew or just socialize. Our club racing starts in mid April at Tidewater Marina and continues on Tuesday and Thursday evenings into September. Stop by any of these evenings to check out the action. Membership is one of the best values on the Bay!

To apply for membership in the Havre de Grace Yacht Club, whether a new member or returning, please use the forms and PayPal link below. Alternatively, print the form at http://hdgyc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/2021-application.pdf and mail with your payment to HdGYC, PO Box 897, Havre de Grace, MD 21078.

Also, all members must sign the Release of Liability form at https://hdgyc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Regatta-Release-Form.pdf and send it to secretary@hdgyc.org.

Membership Application

Membership Type
Name (Last, First)
Address, City, State, Zip
Home Phone
Work Phone
Cell Phone
Crewing On (if applicable)
New members – Please provide the name of an existing member as a reference, or the name of a yacht club in which you were previously a member. Membership is conditional on the BOD approval, and in the case that a applicant is not approved, the full value of payment would be refunded.

I agree to 1) abide by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), 2) Boat Owners have adequate marine liability insurance when participating in Havre de Grace Yacht Club (HdGYC) events, 3) abide by the 2021 Notice of Race published by HdGYC, 4) abide by other rules that govern events and 5) allow the use of my image on club websites when used for noncommercial purposes only. In consideration of being permitted to join HdGYC and participate in its scheduled racing events, being knowledgeable of the risks of competitive sailing and knowing that it is my sole responsibility to decide whether to participate in or continue to participate in any event scheduled by HdGYC, I voluntarily assume any and all risk arising from my participation in these events and release HdGYC, its Officers, Board of Directors, people conducting the event and the General Membership from all liability in connection with any injury or damage that may occur.

Racing Series Entry Form (Required for each boat racing on Thursday nights)
–All skippers must also register as members using the above form–

Owner’s name (Last, First)
Boat’s name
Sail number
Boat model / size
PHRF Rating (Spin)
PHRF Rating (Non-Spin)
Berthed at

I certify that this yacht conforms in every way to her Class Rules and Measurements. For PHRF, a copy of my most recent Handicap Rating Certificate or valid listing is available online. In the event that a certificate or listing is not available, I understand that HdGYC may assign a rating. My recourse if I disagree with this rating is to provide the proper PHRF Certificate. For other classes, any applicable certification is on file with the Class Representative, Host Club, or attached hereto. I acknowledge that the safety equipment on my yacht conforms to applicable Class and United States Coast Guard Regulations.

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Interested in crewing?

Please provide specific information about your experience (years sailing, racing on what types of boats and what positions), schedule (availability for Tuesdays or Thursday evenings for which seasons) and general information (agility, body weight, age) via email with your contact info. Send to the club secretary for distribution to the membership.