2020 Awards

For the 2020 Fall Invitational, rather than an in-person social and award distribution, awards (hand crafted decoys) were distributed to winners after the race.  Winners sent their award pictures to us:

Mouton Noir, First Place PHRF-C:

Thrill Ride, First Place Multihull:

First Love, First Place Cruising:

Moon Dog, Second Place Cruising:

Since the annual banquet and award ceremony couldn’t be held, awards for the 2020 Summer Series were distributed at the first social of 2021.  Each award winner received an embroidered HdGYC burgee –

PHRF-Spinnaker, 1st Place: Mouton Noir –

J-24, 1st Place: Uncle Wiggly’s Airship –

PHRF Non-Spinnaker, 3rd Place: Nova –